The Samarinda Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) has deployed 10 inflatable boats to anticipate hitches posed by potential flooding on voting day, slated for Wednesday, in the city, the capital of East Kalimantan. The province will elect its next governor and deputy governor.

“We also deployed trucks to transport personnel,” said agency head Hery Suryansyah on Tuesday.

A district head in Samarinda, Ulu M. Fahmi, said three subdistricts; Teluk Lerong Ilir, Gunung Kelua and Jawa, in his jurisdiction were prone to flooding.

“If those subdistricts become inundated, subdistrict offices will be too. That’s why we’re prioritizing those areas,” he said.

The committee has prepared standard operating procedures should flooding occur. The committee would have to transport election documents, voters and committee members—all under the supervision of election witnesses, to a safer place before voting commenced.

Local authorities have forecast bad weather in the region until the end of the week. Samarinda is prone to flooding and landslides due to a combination of factors, including environmental degradation and a poor drainage system.