The driver of an angkot (public minivan), Erlangga, admitted to having conspired in an attempted robbery that led to the death of his passenger on Saturday.

Erlangga said on Monday that he and his two coconspirators, identified only as A and D, did not think the passenger, Asih Sukarsih, would jump out of the angkot after being threatened in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta on Saturday.

“We did not use any weapon [to threaten the passenger]. We were just reaching for her with our hands. She jumped out of the angkot herself,” Erlangga said as reported by

Erlangga said A and D sat on the back seats of the angkot while he played music loudly to distract the other passengers.

He said Asih jumped out of the angkot while it was still moving on Jl. Yos Sudarso.

Asih reportedly died after suffering from an injury to her head. Her body has been taken to Subang, West Java, for burial.

After Asih jumped out, Erlangga said he stopped the angkot and other passengers got off to help the victim.

He said he later ran away from the scene with the two other suspects.

He added that A and D, who are on the police’s most wanted list, planned the robbery a month ago. The three suspects allegedly robbed passengers twice four months ago.

Koja Police chief Comr. Effendi said the police arrested Erlangga just an hour after the incident at a location not far from the incident. (ami)